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Latest Testimonial

We travelled with Al-Makkawi for Hajj this year and found the experience with them so positive that we didn't hesitate to recommend to family and friends. From the Hajj seminar to Hajj and travel back we found Arif Bhai and Hashim Bhai always ready to provide relevant information, help and support. Both were humble, modest yet very knowledgeable about Islam and had previous experiences about travel to Hajj, therefore were able to provide support and advice appropriately. Their non judgemental attitude, friendly terms and respect for all and in the group and sense of humour made the atmosphere pleasant. The lovely food provided at mealtimes was very convenient for time saving. Hajj is all about caring, sharing, respect for others and most importantly being able to follow the correct sunnah way of the rituals performed,so valuable information and guidance was provided by Maulana Hadi Omri and both and Arif bhai and Hashim Bhai. The fact that some of the time spent in the coach was utilised by providing translation of the khutbah from Jummah prayers or other valueable islamic info was admirable and appreciated greatly. The location of accommodation was convenient and very good and transport provided was good which made the overall experience easier and more enjoyable. Our duas are with you for success and prosperity in future to provide this support to many others on their Hajj and Umrah travels. Insha'Allah whenever we have the opportunity to travel again it will be definitely with this amazing team who know what they are talking about. Jazakallah khair Mr Abdul Rashid Chughtai and Mrs Shahida Chughtai
Abdul Rashid chughtai and shahida chughtai