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Duration: 20/21 Days

Departure: 29/30 July 2019

(26/27 Dhual Qa'dah 1440 AH)

Return: 19/20 August 2019

(18/19 Dhual-Hijjah 1440)


 Our price includes: 

1. Hajj visa processing 

2. Hajj Draft (Compulsory for every pilgrim)

3. Mualim/Mutawif charges

4. Muassasah & Hajj ministry charges

5. Return Air ticket for Hajj

6. All Airport Taxes

7. Transport of group in Saudi: (Hajj ministry busses)

8. Hotels in Medinah:  (Makarim hotels- 350 meters from Haram) 

9. Hotel in Makkah: (Dhiyafat Samir - 600 meters from Haram) 

10.Training & Support: 

      (Sunday 7th July 2019, from 8:00am - 4:30pm)

11. Five days of Hajj transport - as per Hajj ministry rules & buses 


12. Ziyarat of Medinah only 

13. Qurbani/Hadi (one per person)

14. Mina & Arafat tents

15. ATOL protection

16. Religious scholar (Shaikh Abdul Hadi of Peace TV Speaker)

17. Makkah Hotel access during the 5 days of Hajj

18. Half Board meals (Breakfast & Dinner only).  Meals are complementary and not sold as part of our packages.

19. Complimentary Full board meals during the 5 days of Hajj provided in Mina & Arafat locations (Packed meals).


EXPECTED ITINERARY (Please note this is not the final itinerary) 



Expected Islamic Date


29/30 July 2019


26/27 Dhual Qa'da 1440AH

Departure from UK & Arrival in Medinah

31 Wed


Sped the day in Medinah

1 August 2019



Ziyarat of Medinah



1 Dhual-Hijjah 1440

Jumma in Medinah
3 Sat 2 Spend the day in Medinah
4 Sun


Spend the day in Medinah



Spend the day in Medinah




Departure to Makkah 10:00 am & performance of Umrah
7 Wed 6 Spend the day in Makkah
8 Thu


Spend the Day in Makkah . After Mid night leave for Hajj rituals
9 Fri


Spend the day in Mina



Hajj Day, Spend the day in Arafat and thie night in Muzdalifah & pick up 49 pebbles for Jamarat

11 Sun


Eid day, stone the big jamarat 7 pebbles and Spend the day in Mina/Makkah. 
12 Mon


Spend the day in Mina/Makkah, stone the 3 jamarat 7 pebbles each
13 Tue 12 Last day in Mina. Stone the 3 jamarat 7 pebbles each and leave Mina before sunset/Maghrib
14 Wed


Spend the day in Makkah
15 Thu 14 Spend the day in Makkah
16 Fri 15 Jummah in Makkah
17 Sat 16 Spend the day in Makkah
18 Sun 17 Spend the day in Makkah & prepare to leave for the journey back home
19 Mon 18 Welcome back back to the UK


£4975  per person - Room of 4/5 beds in Makkah and Medinah


1. All advertising (prices, services or otherwise) is based on our last year's experience and rules. Should any new changes are introduced by Saudi authorities or otherwise, we will let you know as soon as we can and you are expected to accept the new rules, prices, etc as they will be applicable nationally and not limited to us only. 

2. The programme below is a draft programme of the journey; there could be some changes or amendments to the itinerary depending on flight schedule and moon sighting or depending on the grounds logistics 

3. In Saudi Arabia; we operate under the Hajj ministry and we have to follow their rules and services provided to us to whom we make payments on your behalf around the month of Ramadan

4. The services provided by Hajj ministry or the Saudi authorities are beyond our control and we have no choice but to use it as per the local rules and this includes the 5 days of Hajj facilities and transport

5. The number of the days or the dates may change slightly in accordance with the flight schedule

6. Booking Terms & Conditions Apply



To avoid disappointment, early booking is highly recommended as places are limited


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I know Mr Arif of Al-Makkawi Tavel since 1990. I known him to be honest and works hard to serve the pilgrims. I will recommend him to you without any hesitation.
Ghulam Rabani