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December Holiday Umrah

Duration: 13 Days

Departure: 24 December 2018

(15 Rabi al-Akhir 1440)

Return: 06 January 2019

(28 Rabi al-Akhir 1440)


 Our price includes:

1. Umrah visa    2. Return Air Ticket     3. All Airport Taxes      4. Transport in Saudi    5. Hotels in Makkah & Medinah     6. Training  & Support   7. Ziyarat  of  Makkah & Medinah     8. ATOL  protection      9. Accompanied by group leader



Expected programme

24  December 2018


Departure from the UK; 

25   ''      ''


Arrival in Medinah

26   ’’      ’’


Spend the day in Medinah

27   ’’      ’’


Ziyarat of Medinah
28    ’’      ’’


Jummah in Medinah

29   ’’      ’’


Last day in Medinah

30    ’’      ’’

Sun Departure to Makkah 2:00pm

31     "        "

Mon Arrival in Makkah and performance of Umrah

01   January 2019

Tue Spend the day in Makkah

02     ’’      ’’


Ziyarat of Makkah (Subject to rules)

03     ’’      ’’

Thu Spend the day in Makkah

04     "       "


Jummah in Makkah

05     "       "


Spend the day in Makkah

06     "          "

Sun departure to UK according to flight schedule 


The prices below are per adult and based on the package advertised above. Pilgrims are expected to spend the first 6 days in Makkah and the remaining days in Medinah unless agreed in writing otherwise. 

 Room Type Ticket Price Economy Package Price

Total Price

4 Bed
£795  £455 £1250
3 Bed
£795 £555 £1350
2 Bed
£795 £655 £1450


4 & 5 Star Hotels

 Room Type Ticket Price 5 Star Hotel Price

Total Price

4 Bed
Contact Us
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3 Bed
Contact Us
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2 Bed
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  • Our Umrah packages are not inclusive of meals 
  • Hotels are provided according to local rating standards which are different than the UK standards
  • Please note this is a draft programme of the journey, there could be some changes or amendments to this itinerary.

Beside the dates mentioned above, you may set up your own package, and we shall arrange everything fro you! We can also arrange for you to continue your journey to Pakistan or any other destination after performing Umrah.


Latest Testimonial

Alhamdulillah, AlMakkawi is experienced in handling Hajj visa for non-UK student visa like mine. The staff had been so helpful from the beginning. During our journey, the group leader continuously reminded us about the hikmah in each ritual. Our five star shifting itinerary went smooth with good schedule arrangement, ziarat and very close hotel locations to haram. Vanya Vabrina, London
Vanya Vabrina