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Here you can watch livestreams of Makkah & Madinah live as well as a few other videos.

Madinah Live - Saudi Arabia

Stream Madinah Live

Makkah Live - Saudi Arabia

Stream Makkah Live


Latest Testimonial

It was my first Umrah with my disabled husband and also my disabled daughter. May Allah (SWT) reward Al-Makkawi to make it possible and easy for us. We look forward to going again with Al-Makkawi in the future InshAllah. We very thank full to Bhai Arif he was very helpful on every step of this visit. May Allah (SWT) bless him. I will highly recommend friends, family, and all others, please book your Hajj & Umrah with Al-Makkawi Travel. Keep it up may Allah bless you. Thank you Ayesha Ikram & Family Birmingham
Ayesha Ikram & Family