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Assalamu Alikum Wa Rahmatullah In the past I have been to Umrah once & for the Hajj 3 times, Alhamdulillah. This time round it was 4th Hajj with "AL-MAKKAWI HAJJ & UMRAH TRAVEL LTD", with them I went for the 1st time. Normally for the 1st time pilligrims,when they come back heard saying that "it's been wxperience of a life time."Every journey made to the Holy cities is incredibly unique on its own way.But for me Hajj 2013 with AL-MAKKAWI HAJJ & UMRAH TRAVEL LTD."been experience of life time." It had been totally hassled & trouble free Service throughout the Hajj journey,from visa,Hajj training seminar,transportation with in the UK & outside UK, accommodation in Makkah,Mina,stay in Arfa and Muzzalfa and accommodation in Madina,hot & cold drinks available 24/7,Home cooked food in different varieties with desserts twice a day provided throughout the journey. Guidance and support through out the journey was excellent. It was a truly remarkable Hajj without any worry or tension so it was really easy to concentrate on Hajj rituals and other Ibadah. PERSONAL LOSS & GRIEVANCE My Mother past away in the Holy City of Madina 5 days before departure date.Allah(SWT)grants my Mother place in Jannah.AL-MAKKAWI HAJJ & UMRAH TRAVEL LTD. their local team in K.S.A & UK team both in fluent in Arabic & English languages,with their experience,calmness,local knowledge,own transport & their very strong mental approach had played a major role in the circumstance surrounding of the death of the death of my mother. I appreciated the kond of support of,particularly Br.Hashim,Br.Makki,Br.Arif & Uncle Shabir for the taking care of the responsibilities of arranging all necessary paper work & formalities from start to the very end. This includes long distance phone calls to UK.F.O and travelling to & from the hospital,Ministry of Hajj & mortuary, in their own & private transport. Though these difficult time,I couldn't have managed without their strong spiritual & moral support and taking care of all responsibilities.I got through this emotionally difficult time because Iwas very fortunate to be among the best Brothers of Ummah that you can be with May Allah(SWT) reward these Brother mentioned above hear & hear after. I may take this opportunity to thank everybody at AL-MAKKAWI HAJJ & UMRAH TRAVEL LTD. & their local team in K.S.A for their kind support,time,effort and kind consideration. I must say that I was privileged to be among the Brothers.Allah give you all Jazzah e Khair for whatever you done for me Wassalamu Alikum Wa Rahmatullah
ARIF RASHID (Birmingham)