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Hajj Price Includes


Our Hajj prices include:

  1. HAJJ VISA & MUASSASAH CHARGES: The processing of Hajj Visa application & Saudi Muassasah charges included

  2. HAJJ DRAFT & HAJJ MINISTRY CHARGES:  Hajj draft which is compulsory for all pilgrims & Hajj ministry charges included

  3. RETURN AIR TICKET: Return Air ticket to and from Saudi & air port taxes are included

  4. GUIDE & TRAINING: Guidence & Training of Hajj & Umrah included

  5. PRE HAJJ SEMINAR: Training of Do's and Dont's of Hajj & Umrah Seminar included on  Sunday 7th July 2019 from 8:00am to 4:00pm

  6. TRANSPORT IN SAUDI: Air-conditioned transport from Jedddah - Makkah - Medinah - Back to Airport included

  7. TRANSPORT FOR HAJJ DAYS: Air conditioned transport from Makkah -Mina-Arafat-Muzdalifah-Mina included

  8. GUIDANCE & SUPPORT: Guidance and support by religious scholar and group leader

  9. HADI/QURBANI: One Hadi/Qurbani per person 

  10. TENTS: Tents in Mina & Arafat

  11. ZIYARAT: We will provide Ziyarat in Medinah only

  12.  ATOL PROTECTION: We are ATOL registered, so for your peace of mind you are protected by ATOL SCHEME. Please note this is not travel insurance

  13. Hotels: Dates may change slightly subject to moon sighting and hajj (Arafat) day   

  • Group 1: (SHIFTING)

    • From 5 -16 Augst 2019     - Shisha apartments (Samsung building - Half-board) approxmatly 2.5 miles from Haram

    • From 16-21 August 2019  - Hotels in Makkah   (5 STAR Hilton Suite - half board- hotel buffet) approxmatly 20 meters from Haram

    • From 21-25 August 2019  - Hotel in Medinah   (5 STAR Dar al Iman Intercontinental - half board- hotel buffet) approxmatly 20 meters from Haram

  • Group 2: (NON-SHIFTING)

    • From 5- 15 August 2019  - Hotels in Makkah (5 STAR - Hilton Suite - half board- Hotel buffet) approxmatly 20 meters from Haram

    • From 15-21 August 2019 Hotel in Medinah  (5 STAR - Dar al Iman Intercontinental - Half board- Hotel buffet)   approxmatly 20 meters from Haram


    • From 29 July to 5 August 2019 - Hotel in Makkah (Firdous Al Umrah - Half board) approxmatly 500 meters from Haram

    • From 5-16 August 2019  (Shisha appartments- Samsung Building - Half board) approxmatly 2.5 miles

    • From 16-19 August 2019 - Hotel in Medinah  (Makarim Hotels) approxmatly 400 meters from Haram




FROM 29 July-5 August 2019 - Hotel in Medinah (Makarim Hotel- Half board) approxmatly 400 meters from Haram

From 5 - 19 August 2019 - Hotel in Makkah ( Firdous Al Umrah- Half board) approxmatly 500 meters from Haram


Please note:

1. that meals (including breakfast) are complementary to ease the journey. Meals are not sold as part of our packages. you can purchase your own choice of food if you like



Latest Testimonial

Thank you very much for making our Hajj easy and enjoyable. Having a Scholar in the group helped tremendously with religion issues. Having local links helped with local organisation. The food in Makkah was excellent and I'm still craving for more Curry!. Arif was more of a brother rather than a tour guide and was very accomodating to our needs and requirements. We say 'Al-Makkawi Travel' definately out customer service before profits. We will INSHAA ALLAAH be travelling with you again soon and would unreservedly recommend you to anyone else. Bro Hashim was definitely an asset to the group and your team.